Sunday, November 8, 2009

"OFF" season for 2009/2010

While of 'off' season for most racers could mean simply not going into the garage for a couple months, it is typically the opposite for me. It is the best time in my heated shop to build the motors and generally go through the car.
This year has started a little different. With the zeal my son has brought to racing this year (his first serious year) driving the classic Mini Cooper, it has rubbed off on me. We actually installed a couple of those fancy new in car camera in both our cars. Between his camera and his on-track observation I decided that it might be time to check into why my front engined, front wheel drive Aardvark seemed to be so tail happy. I have noticed it over the last year or so but had simply decided it was down to the age of the driver and perhaps the old rear tires. Well, new rear tires for the last event made it better but my laps times are sure slower than a number of years ago. To make a long story short: I finally pulled the original lever shock off the car and found the rear shocks to be frozen solid! The only suspension travel I had was due to tire and chassis flex!
I have now sent them off to be fixed and now very much looking forward to trying out my new car in early spring. I wonder how early I can find a dry place to run it? Phoenix prehaps?

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